Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sculpture Reflection

Found object art is when you find everyday objects and turn them into a piece of art.

I made a Minion out of a jar,paint,milk bottle top and hot glue.

My inspiration was Zoe’s Plankton. I thought she was making a green Minion so I decided to make a yellow minion.

What went well for me was when I didn't have any supplies and I asked Mrs McCabe if we could use the stuff from the cardboard box underneath the cashier register,and she said yes so I grabbed a jar and a milk bottle cap.

Next time what I would change would be to ask what days we are doing the sculpture so I can be more organized. 

My speech

I really hate spiders. Last year I was in Thailand for a holiday and we had just hopped off the boat onto a warm sandy island.

 I remember standing there, mouth watering, thinking wow look how many crepe stands there are, as we walked past I looked at the menu and I knew what I would be having for breakfast,lunch and dinner. 

We took a car to get to our house. The great thing about Thailand is that they don’t have as many safety rules as us so I got to sit on the back of the  car…….. and nearly fell off. 

After the long trip Elia needed to go to the toilet.

 She went in and just as she was about to lock the door she she saw a spider the size of my hand, she ran out of there at the speed of  a cheetah.

She explained  the situation to my grandad and dad, and my dad decided he would catch the spider.

Elia didn't exactly say how big it was so he went in there armed with a piece of paper and a small glass thinking “I bet its a daddy long legs or something like that” wrong when he saw the size of the spider he was amazed, and went to poke it with our toothpaste tube. The beast jumped at him.

He came out and the first thing he said was “we’ll need a bigger glass.”
When we found out how big it was all the ladies in the house rushed into the closest room at top speed.   

Grandad said leave it to me I lived in Papa New Guinea and I’m not scared of a tiny spider. So in went Granddad and we all heard a small squeak as he saw what he was up against, but not wanting to appear like a scaredy cat he had no choice but to tackle the beast. 

All of this time I was behind a locked door with my mum and sister as there was no way I was coming out!

2 minutes later we heard a knock on the door and my dad told us they had caught it and we could come out. None of us trusted that they weren’t standing right outside the door waiting with the spider ready to lunge at us. After a lot of convincing we all walked out of the room hiding behind each other and I saw my grandad with a glass and magazine and you could see the massive spider trying to escape the big glass cup.

I swear I could see it getting angrier and angrier.  Were it’s eyes turning red? Was it getting bigger and bigger? Was it just about to break out off the glass and chase me! Okay maybe that is a bit off an 
exaggeration but that was how sacred I was! 

Well grandad did the right thing for the spider and put it outside but all I could think about was what was going to stop that spider from crawling right back in, tonight, and finding me!

I really loved Thailand but oh geez I really hate spiders.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Science blogs

Science blog week 9/10 3/7/17

What I am doing:a modle playground

Who I am doing it with:Gabby and Sophie.G

Where: green table

What I need to bring:Toilet rolls,Cardboard

What I need to do before:get plan ticked off,gather and bring things I need to bring.

1.Create base
2.Make the playground equipment 
3.Place/glue equipment onto base 
4.Present to class

Equipment and forces used
See saw-push
Merry go round-push and acceleration
Spinning thing-acceleration

I am designing a model playground that uses forces to activate.

What is working well for me is that we are all working together in harmony and sharing jobs evenly because we are trying to avoid the situation that we had in our last group becaukse we felt left out and we don't want anyone to feel that way with us.

A struggle for me was at the very start I was with Emily,Sophie and myself but Sophie and I didn't  get to do much work so we decide to make our own playground but Emily had most of our equipment so we had to start over.

I feel we are working really well because like I said before we are making things work.

 Improvements we have made include presentation and colour because our playground was made out off just card board but now it involves stuff like
And other stuff to come that we will add in.

Our next step is to get some feedback and do the best we can with our force learning
Science Blog Week 8 22/6/17
 What is force?
Force is a strength that happens in our everyday lives like when the branches sway the wind is pushing them.When you run down a hill and you go really really fast that’s acceleration.You know how if you go into space and you float around and on earth we stay on the ground that's called gravity.These are all forces.

What I did this week for science.
 I  collected catapult data. I did my tests with 3 cotton balls and 10 rubber bands and collected data for 
How far it went
How many rubber bands I used 
How many cotton balls I used
What I changed from the previous week was the amount of cotton balls  to see if 1 cotton ball worked better than 3 cotton balls.

The materials I used to make my catapult were
Rubber bands
Popsicle sticks
 A spoon 
The materials I used for my experiment were 
A 1 meter ruler
Cotton balls
A 30cm ruler

 The data I collected was that three cotton balls went further than one cotton ball. My highest with one cotton ball was 1m 14cm.
My highest with three cotton balls was 2m 74cm. The reason the heavier one went further was because it was more dense and had more mass so it had a better chance  to project through the air so they have more force.

I can use this by knowing what forces I need to use in the future whether I need to use push or pull acceleration or friction or maybe even all of them. 

Something I learnt was why heavier objects went further than light ones.

What I wonder...
How to use my learning of forces in a model playground. 
Science blog week 7 15/6/17 
 This week I did a golf course by myself.

I had a bit in my course that was layered so one on top of another so you needed lots off speed to make it otherwise it would fall off the track. 

What I wonder is that would I need speed for it to go down like one underneath each other. 

On my first test run I thought it would be too easy so I added more obstacles so the ball was challenged and it wouldn't be as easy.

Here is a photo of my learning. 


Science Blog Week 6 7/6/17
This week Emily and I did ping pong ramps.

What I found out is that some of
 the rulers that don’t have the middle bit have to have barriers so the ball doesn't fall.

What I wonder is that if we tried weaker barriers would it be different,what if I made a ping pong track into the pulley.  

On my first test run Emily released the ball and it didn't work so we decided to change the course when we changed it we needed 2 rulers so I gabbed another ruler it was the last meter ruler because the other one was broken in half so we tried it on the new course and it fell off the ruler because there wasn't any barriers so Emily and I got some maths books and used them to help we tried it and it fell off at the front so we got an orange brick and that solved our problems it took maybe ⅚ tries then we got it here's a photo off the course


Science Blog Week 5 1/6/17
This week we made proper catapults what I mean is that we looked at videos and most of us didn't do free for all I looked at a video and you made a pile of sticks and attached one rubber band then stick another popsicle stick at the top then attach  the 2nd rubber band to the pile of  sticks and when I tested it it shot 1 meter.

What I found out about the catapult comparing it to my first one the second one was way better because the spoon on the second one was on an angle and with the first on it was flat so it either went up or went backwards.

 What I wonder is that if it was on more of an angle would it go further.

Rocket Balloons WEEK 4 

This week I did rocket balloons with Kiri. I worked with Thomas A and Sam to make a rocket balloon you need:
and a place to attach the string. What I found out is that with an amount of force it can push something up a steep angle,but if it has too little force there might not be enough force to push it to the top. 

I wonder if it would work going straight up a wall.

Camp High Ropes

As I was asked up the front to be a demonstrator, I was so enthusiastic about the climb ahead.

 I sped up the ladder and finally reached the climb. As I clutched the boys and hoped I didn’t die, I reached “the wrecking ball”. I swung to and fro like a madman. They asked me if I wanted to come down for the demonstration. I didn't want to, but I said yes to be polite.

I drifted down at a turtle's pace, I thought about all the other climbs and how much fun they would be.

Part 2 The Giant's Ladder

“Wow” that's what I thought when I saw how hard it was to do “The Giants Ladder”. It was my go and I was buzzing with excitement. 

I got attached to the rope and off I went I guess you could say that I was Jack and the ladder was the beanstalk.

 I grabbed the side rope for the first beam and got myself up, but then tragedy struck there wasn't another side rope, so Gale (the instructor) gave me a boost.Then  tragedy struck again no Gale and no side rope, so I gabbed the beam and heaved myself up and did the same until I reached the 6th beam. I decided I couldn't go any further so I decided to come down. I held the rope with both hands and leant back. As I felt myself getting lowered I let my feet slip and gently I glided to the ground. I was so proud of myself.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Clothing writing

I am a shiny, sparkly, dazzling piece of new clothing. I am an electric blue colour and silky. When I get pulled out of  the wardrobe I feel like a queen. I go to prom with girls. I always think I look the best at prom but my owner disagrees. 

I get so frustrated when my owner goes into the bathroom and nitpicks at me. Like rips at loose threads and pulls off beads and spends hours looking at herself in the mirror.

 Then finally when the party's over I get shoved into a random draw and as I hear the draw shut. darkness overwhelms me. I wait helplessly until the next time I am worn.

Monday, 12 June 2017

How I will change by next monday

I will be fitter
I will know more things
I will be a better swimmer
I will be more excited
I will be taller
I will be better at playing the drums
I will have written more 
I will have talked more
I will have taught more
I will have helped more 
I will have been to school more 
I will have read more
I will have had more fun
I will have done more DTs
I will have gotten closer to going to heaten 
I will have longer hair

Autumn for me

A golden sunset sinks into the hills. 

The feeling of cold morning frost sends a shiver down my spine.

The rain rattles like a rattlesnake out to get me.

Taste the sweet maple zing of autumn as you take a stroll through the park.